Free Initiatives

Check out some of my free initiatives

These are few of my free initiatives which I have taken to help you optimize your IAS Preparation. Make sure you check this page daily. My mission is to make IAS preparation easy and simple.

Daily Practice Sheet is one stop solution for integrated IAS preparation. It is result of my tapasya. See how I predicated more than 40 questions in CSE Mains 2019 in DPS.

Daily Prelims Notes

Daily Prelims Notes is the best way to cover daily current affairs for UPSC. We are proud to say that most questions in UPSC Prelims were covered in DPN. You can see how I select the DPN topics, DPN is the ideal current affairs material for the CSE Prelims.

PPP are scientifically designed to integrate with that days current affairs which are holistically covered in he Daily Prelims Notes. Please do this exercise feel the difference. Kindly solve PPP after reading the DPN.

Sunday Essay Sadhna is the best essay initiative in the country. See how I predicted 3 Essay topics in CSE Mains 2019. If you regularly follow it , you can score highest in essay paper.