Trust you are healthy, safe and your CSE prelims preparation is going well. As you are aware there is less than 6 months left for prelims preparation in which last 3 months we need to focus only on revision. That gives us ~3 months to make sure we cover all our syllabus (static) portion as well as simultaneously cover the current affairs. 

In LAQSHYA 2024 program we are simultaneously covering static portion as well as current affairs in a scientific manner with weekly milestones. This way students our LAQSHYA 2024 students are crystal clear with their goals & objectives for each week and are focused to achieve them week after week.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out” – Robert Collier

I am happy to say that as per LAQSHYA 2024 plan we are covering all the tests as per the LAQSHYA 2024 schedule. Moreover, we are also taking CSAT classes every week as I don’t want any of my LAQSHYA 2024 students to miss prelims because of CSAT.

We have taken a total of 27 tests so far out of total 65 tests. On 19th November (tomorrow) we will be conducting our 28th tests on October Monthly Current Affairs Test & 29th tests on CSAT -1st Test. 

We have already covered Geography, Environment, Economy& History and now we will be starting Science as per the LAQSHYA plan. 

To know more about the program click here or contact us at +91-8235035145, in case you need help with your prelim’s exam planning.

FAQ of LAQSHYA 2024 Program:

1. Where can I get LAQSHYA 2024 Schedule?

You can download LAQSHYA 2024 Schedule from our portal, alternatively you can also download the schedule from this link

2. Where to download DPN Compilation from?

DPN Compilation can be downloaded from this link

3. Where to download PPP Compilation from?

PPP Compilations can be accessed directly from portal under LAQSHYA 2024 bundle. Click on Prelims GS-1 Mentorship Program and you will see PPP Compilations Section. All PPP compilations will be uploaded under same section throughout the year till Prelims 2024.

4. When will Optima Timetable Start?

Optima timetable will start from 26th January 2024. Kindly see the timetable for more details.

5. How many numbers of tests will be conducted in LAQSHYA 2024?

  • Total of 65 tests will be conducted. See below for details:
  • Monthly Current Affairs: 15, 7 conducted so far.
  • NCERT: 10, 5 conducted so far
  • Advance Books Tests: 15, 4 conducted so far
  • Optima Sectional: 8, will start from optima timetable
  • Optima Full Length: 7, will start from optima timetable
  • C-SAT: 10, will start from November

6. When are C-SAT classes conducted?

C-SAT live practice sessions are conducted every Sunday @ 3 PM. You can join the session by directly from portal or email invite sent via e-mail. Along with live practice sessions we are also uploading concepts sessions before the live sessions which should watch and then come for practice in live practice sessions.

You can see already 21 session conducted for CSAT.

7. Do we get any weekly targets?

Yes, already in the schedule we have specified weekly targets, however we are also sharing daily targets in our telegram channel Once optima will start you will get a daily revision target as well.

8. When will I get Optima Notes & Optima Cards?

Optima Notes – once we start the optima timetable as per the schedule.

Optima Cards – 4-6 weeks before prelims examination, for final leg of revision of most important topics.

9. Are there any sessions for GS- Paper I?

Yes, over 30 sessions on (GS-1 static strategy, Static & Current Map Sessions & Environment maps Sessions) already taken related. Some more will be taken during the course of the program.

10. When will the option elimination session be conducted?

We will conduct option elimination masterclass once we start Optima timetable.

11. Where can I find more information about on how to use portal effectively?

Kindly watch the Beginner’s Course under the LAQSHYA 2024 Bundle. Everything is explained there in detail. In case of more queries feel free to contact us at +91-8235035145/44.


Lastly, I just want to say that CSE PRELIMS 2024 is just 9 months away and hence we need to start the prelims preparation with focus & determination now. I hope this message helps you to clear your mind and you start your preparation for prelims.


Thanks & All the Best!

Santosh Sir