Santosh Sir 700+ Mains Mentorship Program

Santosh Sir’s 700+ Mains Mentorship Program






Dear friends,

I am happy to see most of you all progressing in the right direction. This is the right time to make the next move towards a comprehensive and an objective approach for mains process of 2021 UPSC CSE. In that way, this Mains 2021 Mentorship program is the natural next step.

Why do many aspirants score less marks in mains?

  • Uncovered syllabus: Syllabus of GS Mains is humongous to say the least. Most aspirants fail to qualify mains because of they fail to cover the syllabus in one year. Every GS paper has numerous topics and sub topics. It is a big challenge to cover the syllabus in a year.
  • Lack of conceptual understanding: If few aspirants somehow manage to cover the syllabus, they sometimes fail to develop clear understanding of concepts. This is because there is still no good source for GS Mains syllabus which clears the concepts in a holistic manner.
  • Poor quality content: Most of candidates read poorly written mains notes which lack depth and coverage expected in mains exam. Remember you can only produce what you read and digest.
  • Poor Presentation skills: In UPSC Mains presentation skill maters the most. Many aspirants fail to develop this. Frankly, I (Santosh Sir) managed to crack UPSC MAINS four (4) times in row which is a record of its own only presentation skills. Most aspirants read the same material what makes the difference is presentation. Remember winners don’t do different things they do things differently.
  • Writing speed: Finishing the paper is big challenge for many mains aspirants. Developing a good writing speed so that you are able to finish the paper is a must to get good marks in mains.
  • Lack of comprehension of questions: Many a times I have observed that aspirants fail to meet the demand of the question. This is due to poor comprehension.
  • Not following the question direction: Every question in UPSC MAINS has a directive word attached to it. It is very important to answer accordingly. Many aspirants fail to answer according to directive attached to question. For example if the directive attached to the question says illustrate it is very important to give examples.
  • Not able to support answer by facts and figures: Answers without supporting facts and figures cannot fetch marks. Many aspirants fail to quote relevant facts and examples in their answers.

Why it is a right time for mains preparation?

  • No time after prelims (Only 80 days between Prelims 2021 and Mains 2021):

After Prelims exam, there are just 80 days. In those 80 days you have to revise your optional and one year current affairs. There will be no time to cover static part of the GS syllabus. If your static part is strong you can really do wonders with current affairs. Remember without good understanding of static syllabus current affairs is of no use. You can only write an awesome answers when you can link current affairs with concepts and analyze the issue in depth 

  • Foundation is already ready: In the last 5 months by mastering NCERTs you have built a strong foundation.
  • Advance study has started using all standard book :It’s the perfect time for integrated approach
  • Developing answer writing skill is very crucial at this stage. Answer writing is both a science and art. The art of answer writing takes practice and time to develop. If you begin serious answer writing now you can definitely develop your unique style which will make your answers stand out from the crowd.
  • Writing speed has to be enhanced so that you complete the paper on time. Its take practice to improve writing speed.

Everything about Mains Mentorship Program by Santosh Sir

The Program has been conceptualized by me (Santosh Sir) after hundreds of request from aspirants. I (Santosh Sir) have always kept aspirants interest as the Centre of all my initiatives. Aspirant’s centricity has been a foundational principle for me.  So to begin with, let me take this opportunity to tell you that this Mains Mentorship program has been conceptualized to help you master the syllabus of GS (1, 2 and 3) in a holistic manner. When I say master, I literally mean master.  I will share all my unique experience of writing all 6 Mains and cracking 4 of them ( Once I just missed by 1 marks , so if I count that 5 times). I know what works and what doesn’t work in CSE Mains. The quality which you will experience in every aspect of the program will be path breaking in CSE preparation history in the country. This program will set the benchmark for guidance so high that very few in India can match. This is because I believe you deserve the best. Remember to be the best, you have to read the best, practice the best and last but not least guided by the best.

Seven Step Success Strategy:

Step 1: Scientific study Plan: Remember failing to plan is planning to fail. A systematic and scientific plan will help you to optimize next two-three months which are going to be the most crucial stage of 2021 preparation.

Step 2: Weekly Target: The entire syllabus is divided into weekly target. These targets are prepared which are in sync with your PRELIMS timetable. So that you can integrate both prelims and mains preparation.

Step 3: Detailed Topic analysis: Every topic in the syllabus has multiple dimensions. I will do a detailed microscopic detailed analysis of the topic so that you get a clear picture of what needs to be prepared and to what extent.

Step 4: Mains Master Notes: You become what you read. If you read excellent material, you become an excellent aspirant, however if you read substandard reading material, you cannot stand the competition in civil services. Mains Master Notes are excellent to say the least. They are the best in the country. In this step, I will provide you Mains Master Notes for each and every topic mentioned in the syllabus and also on topics which are not mentioned but has a high probability to come in exam.

Step 5: Weekly Test: Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong. Many start answer writing initiative without a thorough grip over syllabus. This will not pay rich dividend. But if do answer writing practice along with covering syllabus in holistic manner you will reap rich dividends. I will prepare excellent questions for you.

Step 6: Detailed Discussion: After the weekly test, I will take a detailed discussion on the test. Here, I will discuss the basic concept in the questions and also share my unique answer writing strategy to help you maximize your marks. I have developed excellent strategies for answer writing which will give your answers an unfair advantage over others.

Step 7: Self-Evaluation and Self-Introspection: No journey is over with self-evaluation and self-introspection. This is the most important stage of state of the entire program. This is because I strongly believe that without proper self-evaluation, failure is inevitable.

What you will achieve at the end of program?

  1. Holistic coverage of UPSC GS Mains (1,2,3 only- Ethics is not part of the program) syllabus
  2. Conceptual clarity of each and every term in the GS (1, 2 and 3 only) Mains paper.
  3. Excellent Mains Static Reading Material at one place.
  4. 700 top quality questions ( 400 in form of Test with model answers+ 300in form of workbook with only hints)
  5. Answer writing skill development( Both presentation and skill)
  6. Static facts, figures, diagrams, flow charts to be used in your answers.
  7. Scientific utilization of resources and time
  8. Maximum retention using Read- Write- Discuss-.
  9. Learn the art of self-evaluation.
  10. Overall Mains guidance by Santosh Sir.

Why Santosh Sir 700+ Mains Mentorship Program?

Santosh Sir has very vast experience in civil services preparation and guidance. He has cracked CSE Prelims 6 times CSE Mains 4 times (Once he missed by just 1 marks). This achievement is record in itself. He has consistently scored very high marks in GS papers. Last year he guided many aspirants to improve their GS performance.

The quality of mentor and his experience is deciding factor in the success of mentee.

Priyanka. S AIR 68

Santosh Sir has helped me in all stages of my UPSC preparation in my 2nd attempt.


1. Will it cover only static part? Why are you leaving current part?

A valid question. The answer to this question is both yes and no. Let me explain why. The idea behind the program is to give you rock solid foundation our focus is not on traditional approach to static syllabus you find everywhere. The program will cover all contemporary issues related to the topic till now. However, it will not cover the entire year current as the program ends in April. However you will have access to the videos till mains 2021.

2. Which GS subjects will be covered?

It will cover GS 1, 2, and 3. Ethics will be not part of this program

3. Will my answers get evaluated?

Before answer this questions, let me tell you a principle I believe in “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. The program is to empower you and not to make you dependent on others.

There I am not going to evaluate you each and every answers model answers will be given with detailed discussion by me (Santosh Sir).I have developed a scientific approach to self-evaluate answers so that you don’t depend on others for evaluation. I will teach you this as a part of the program.

4. What is the total number of Questions covered in this program?

Total number of questions to be tackled will be 700. (400 in form of Test with model answers+ 300 in form of workbook with only hints)

This is the best time to utilize your time effectively by managing both Prelims and Mains together as this will help you in covering all static part for prelims as well as mains. The timetable is aligned with LAQSHYA 2021.

As the saying goes DO IT NOW. IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN? Kickstart your Mains 2021 static preparation with me so that after prelims 2021, you don’t need to run for covering static portions and trust me, CSE 2021 mains will be a cake walk for you!!

Happy learning with Optimize IAS!!

Download the timetable below

Santosh Sir 700+ Mains Mentorship Program Schedule

Santosh Sir 700+ Mains Mentorship Program