Q. What is the role of Essay paper in my overall selection?

Ans. The scores of Essays have ranged from 67 to 175 out of 250 marks. Thus, one who manages to take a lead of 50-60 marks in Essay paper will increase their chances of Selection.

Q. Does Essay paper really need preparation? Isn’t one supposed to be different from others?

Ans. The answer to both these questions is YES. Essay writing for UPSC is both an art and science. For the part where it is a science, one needs to understand the dynamics of getting the right style of presentation. For the part where it is an art, comes your own originality where you shine through and gain extra marks.

Q. What is the role of this Essay mentorship Programme?

Ans. This programme is an aid to make you learn the science of Essay writing while aid you in bringing out the art within you.

Q. Who is to be benefitted from this programme?

Ans. If you lack confidence in beginning to write, then you are bound to be benefitted from this programme. If you have appeared for Mains before and understand the shortcomings, then you know the value of investing your time in the right direction.

If this is your first attempt, then this is the right time to grab the low-hanging fruit which accounts for 250 marks.


You will be guided by Santosh Sir (Scored 144, 134 in Essay). Nowhere in India you will have this opportunity to be guided by an experienced officer. He knows what works and what doesn’t work in UPSC Exam.

This essay programme is divided into two parts:

Part 1: Concept masterclasses to help you learn the art and science of essay writing.

  • Understanding the demand of UPSC
  • How to choose a topic? Unique template will be shared
  • How to deconstruct essay topic?
  • How to create a framework/outline/mind map for the essay?
  • Learn to write attention grabbing introduction
  • Paragraph creation and how to write body of the essay
  • Learn to conclude essay
  • How to handle philosophical essays

Part 2: Live brainstorming and practice

  • Every Sunday you will get live Sunday essay Sadhna Sessions.
  • In these sessions one essay will be discussed by Santosh Sir.
  • All possible themes will be discussed: Society(Women, Child, youth , secularism, poverty , casteism, urbanisation) , Polity (Federalism, PRI, Good Governance, Corruption), Economy ( Planning, development , Poverty, Joblessness, inequality) , Ethics.

This program will help you to learn the art and science of brain storming.

Thus, no matter at what stage of preparation you are, at the conclusion of this programme you will have the confidence of scoring more than  150+ marks in Essay .



Masterclass 1Understanding the demand of UPSC
Masterclass 2How to build content  for essay and how to allocate time between two essays ? Analysing the trend
Masterclass 3How to chose a topic ? Unique template will be shared
Masterclass 4How to deconstruct essay topic ?
Masterclass 5How to create a framework/outline/mind map for the essay ?
Masterclass 6Learn to create template for introduction of the essay
Masterclass 7Learn to write attention grabbing introduction
Masterclass 8Paragraph creation and how to write body of the essay
Masterclass 9Learn to conclude essay
Masterclass 10How to handle philosophical essays
Weekly Sunday Essay Sadhana DiscussionEvery Sunday we will discuss one essay.

Total 50 essays will be discussed for CSE 2023 mains examination.


  • Quotes and fodder material for current affairs based Essay
  • Quotes for Philosophical Essays
  • Compilation of Case studies to enrich Essays
  • List of important ESSAY topics for CSE MAINS 2023.