Ethics Master Class 2021

Ethics Master Class 2021


Santosh Sir

All 6 CSE Prelims Qualified

4 CSE Interview

Scored more than 100 in ethics

State Public Service Qualified


Why should you focus on ethics?

Scores in ethics paper have varied by a big margin ranging from 50 to 160 plus. This one paper can make a huge difference to your mains score. If attempted with the right approach you can score very high however if your approach is wrong you may be equally penalized.

Let me share case study of Priyanka .S AIR 68, 2019. She scored only 92 in her CSE 2018 attempt (first) and missed the rank by a small margin, however in CSE 2019 she worked on her answer writing skills and incorporated my strategy and tips to score a massive 155 which is a record in itself.

You can see her score card below:

Sir thank you so much for giving critical analysis for my ethics answer. Ethics mark has become game changer this time to me. CSE 2018 mains I scored 92. But this time 155. Thank you sir for continuous support in my preparation


Priyanka. S

The quality of mentor and his experience is deciding factor in the success of mentee.

My Seven (7) Success Sutra’s for Mastering GS IV. It has helped me score 114 marks in GS IV and now helping my students. (Ideal approach to master GS IV)

  1. Conceptual clarity of each and every words in the syllabus
  2. Examples from newspaper
  3. Look for ethical debates in current affairs
  4. Try to relate with your life and experience
  5. Read Second Administrative Reform Commission report on Ethics in Governance
  6. Daily Answer Writing
  7. Case Studies Discussions

“The Ethics Masterclass is based on the above Seven Success Sutras”

What is aim of Ethics Masterclass?
To put it simply the course is designed by me to help you maximize your GS Paper 4 score. As already explained above with example of PRIYANKA that ethics score can reach up to 160 Marks which will secure your success in CSE Mains. It is an outcome oriented course, because I personally believe as an aspirant you should always stay grounded and be focused on scoring.

How will Ethics Master Class ensure this?

I have myself score more than 100 marks in ethics. I know what it takes to score in ethics paper. I along with experienced bureaucrats like Mr. Subhash Mathur (Ex. IRS) officer will try to bring our real life administrative examples and case studies to give you an insider’s perspective of public administration. I have also roped in a psychology expert to help you master psychology areas of syllabus like attitude and emotional intelligence. To sum up, I have designed a complete comprehensive package to help you master the concepts and apply them in exam.

Further, after Prelims I will focus on important and expected questions for mains 2021. This will help you maximize your marks.

In Mains 2020, many of my expected questions from Daily Ethics of Daily Practice Sheet came in exam.

Have a look and compare it with this year Ethics Paper.

I will share all important questions for Mains 2021 and discuss them with you all in the Ethics Master Class.

We will focus on:

  • Conceptual understanding.
  • Relevant examples picked from current affairs.
  • Mini Tests Discussion to improve your Ethics Answer Writing approach (Model Answer will be provided, no evaluations).
  • Important questions of Daily Ethics from Daily Practice Sheet will be discussed.
  • Ethics Example from newspapers and their compilation (will be shared after prelims exam during Part 2 of program).
  • Ethics Mains Master Notes on each topic of syllabus (will be shared after prelims exam during Part 2 of program).
  • Special focus on 2nd ARC report “Ethics in Governance”.

What will be structure of course?

It’s a 7 month program to mentor you for Mains 2021. It is divided in two parts. “Part 1 before Prelims” and “Part 2 after Prelims”.

Part 1 will cover:

  • 10 Concept Sessions with previous year questions for answer writing approach – 2 Hours each by Santosh Sir, & Subhash Sir (Ex. IRS)
  • 2 Case Study Discussion – 1 Hour each by Santosh Sir, & Subhash Sir (Ex. IRS)

Part 2 will cover:

  • 5 Mini Test Discussion sessions on assignments (model answers will be provided, no evaluations) – Duration 1 Hour by Santosh Sir
  • 3 Case Study Discussion – 1 Hour each by Santosh Sir, & Subhash Sir (Ex. IRS)
  • 3 sessions on 2nd ARC advanced session- 2 hours each by Santosh Sir
  • 2 Session on Most Important questions for Mains 2021 – 2 hours each by Santosh Sir

I would like to share the student’s review of Ethics Master Class of 2020. It was a very small course compare to what I have planned to 2021