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  • Get the best guidance for Prelims available in the country: In this program you will get the best mentorship for Prelims available in the country. Santosh Sir has himself cracked Prelims all 6 times with the highest marks. His unique insights will help you to get an edge over others.


  • Master Option Elimination Techniques: Santosh sir is the first individual to crack the option elimination code in UPSC PRELIMS. You can solve at least 20 Qs using his tricks.

  • Get Santosh Sir’s most expected Questions before exam: Santosh Sir predicts atleast 50 Qs every year in Prelims exam. Focusing on important topics and questions predicted by Santosh Sir will help you optimize your time and efforts.

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  • Most comprehensive coverage of Prelims syllabus: Santosh Sir has designed LAQSHYA Test is such a manner that you can master the entire syllabus in a comprehensive manner.
  • Highest Quality Questions closest to UPSC Pattern: Santosh Sir has unique ability to frame Questions which are very analytical and replicates the UPSC latest pattern. Practising such Questions will equip you with the ability to handle UPSC pressure.
  • Unique OPTIMA sessions: Monthly MAP MARATHON sessions will help you to master map points.

More than 50 questions came in UPSC CSE 2023 from our sources DPN, PPP, OPTIMA cards & LAQSHYA 2023 Tests.

Types of Tests in LAQSHYA 2024 OPTIMA

LEVEL 1: Monthly Current affairs test

This will help you revise the daily prelims notes after completion of every month. Remember without revision, it is impossible to retain what you read for a longer times. LAQSHYA monthly current affairs test helps you revise the monthly current happening at the end of each month. This is unique, as the plan completely separates current and static for the initial six months to help you provide the real feedback on your preparedness so that actionable insights can be shared with you. Most test series mix both in a single test and the student is clueless as he doesn’t get a proper assessment of where he is lacking?

LEVEL 2: Most important Current based questions of the year on the each subject

This is the optimization stage. These sectional tests (subject wise) will be based on all most important topics of that subjects which are expected in Prelims 2024. 100 Questions in each subject will be a perfect power punch you need before you start attempting full length tests in the last month.

LEVEL 3: Stimulated Full length Test 

In the last month what you need is to test yourself before you get tested. The full length tests are designed to do that. These tests will give you a sense of completion. The unique ranking system will make you aware where you stand in the crowd and the unique actionable insights will help you fine tune your strategy in the last month.

LAQSHYA 2024 OPTIMA is not just a test series, to test your ability, its test-based mentorship with systematic and scientific approach to augment your ability.

The first thing which differentiates is the leadership of Santosh Sir.

“Quality outcome of test depend upon Quality of Questions in test,

Quality of questions depends upon Quality of Question Setter,

Quality of Question setter depends upon his Experience in the field,

Quality Experience only comes in when you Qualify such quality exam multiple times”

LAQSHYA Test series is under supervision of veteran Santosh Sir who has qualified all 6 CSE-Prelims and 4 CSE-Mains

This quote signifies the role of an able guide and mentor behind every success story. Since Santosh Sir has himself cracked all 6 CSE Prelims you can rely on my guidance.

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Key features of LAQSHYA 2024 OPTIMA:

Ø Detailed scientific study plan

Ø Quality tests with detailed solutions in pdf

Ø In depth analysis of your performance

Ø Unique behavior insights

Ø Track your progress

Ø Option elimination strategy

Ø Previous year important questions practice

Ø Constant motivation

Ø Online community

Ø Bookmark question for review

Ø Santosh Sir’s unique personalized feedback on test performance

Frequently Asked Questions: –

Q. How many tests are there in LAQSHYA 2024 OPTIMA?

LAQSHYA 2024 OPTIMA has total 30 tests which include Monthly current Affairs test, Santosh Sir Most Important Questions 2024 (OPTIMA Sectional & Full-Length Tests).

  • Monthly Current Affairs: 15,
  • Optima Sectional: 8,
  • Optima Full Length: 7

Q. Where can I get LAQSHYA 2024 OPTIMA Schedule?

You can download LAQSHYA 2024 OPTIMA Schedule from our portal, alternatively you can also download the schedule from this link

Q. Where to download DPN Compilation from?

DPN Compilation can be downloaded from this link

Q. Where to download PPP Compilation from?

PPP Compilations can be accessed directly from portal under LAQSHYA 2024 bundle. Click on Prelims GS-1 Mentorship Program and you will see PPP Compilations Section. All PPP compilations will be uploaded under same section throughout the year till Prelims 2024.

Q. When will Optima Timetable Start?

Optima timetable will start from 26th January 2024. Kindly see the timetable for more details.

Q. I am a beginner, what do you recommend me?

I personally recommend you LAQSHYA 2024. This is because NCERT is very important particularly for geography and history. LAQSHYA 2024 NCERT tests are the framed in order to help you get maximum out of these books.  This will give you a solid foundation. Remember you are as strong as your foundation.

Q. Can you explain the difference between LAQSHYA 2024 and OPTIMA 2024?

Please find the difference between LAQSHYA 2024 and OPTIMA 2024 in the table below.

Q. When will I get Optima Notes & Optima Cards?

Optima Notes – once we start the optima timetable as per the schedule.

Optima Cards – 4-6 weeks before prelims examination, for final leg of revision of most important topics.

Q. Are there any sessions for GS- Paper I?

Yes, over 45 sessions on (GS-1 static strategy, Static & Current Map Sessions & Environment maps Sessions) already taken related. Some more will be taken during the course of the program.

Q. When will the option elimination session be conducted?

We will conduct option elimination masterclass once we start Optima timetable.

Q. Where can I find more information about the program?

Kindly go through the course description from the Link. In case of more queries feel free to contact us at +91-8235035145/44.


Lastly, I just want to say that CSE PRELIMS 2024 is just 5 months away and hence we need to start the prelims preparation with focus & determination now. I hope this message helps you to clear your mind and you start your preparation for prelims.

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These are not feedback’s my friend, these are raw emotions, the excitement & the Glaze on their face when they saw the UPSC Prelims GS-1 paper in the examination hall, this is what I work for, your success is my success!!!

Your Prelims success is my mission of life. I will do everything possible in my capacity to predict the questions and put them in the tests so that you will not feel

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