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Hi, I am Santosh Pandey Aka Santosh Sir. I have the unique distinction of cracking CSE Prelims all six (6) times and CSE Mains four (4) times. I have consistently scored very high marks in Prelims which is a record and also scored one of the highest marks in Essay and Ethics.

I went on to secure a top rank in the State PCS exam. This vast experience helped develop unique insights about the exam With this unique insight I predict most of the UPSC questions every year.

I have guided thousands of aspirants, many of them have already achieved their dream of civil service. Looking forward to guiding you too.

Your Mentor
-Santosh Sir

Our Values


My mission is to help aspirants optimize every aspect of their UPSC CSE preparation and realize their true potential


My vision is that every aspirant is a potential officer


  • Honesty
  • Credibility
  • Competence
  • Respect
  • Authority
  • Commitment
  • Continues Improvement

Arjuna Success Cycle

Salient Features

Salient Features Arjuna Prime 2023

Weekly Assessment Test

  • Personalized Performance Dashboard: Regular measurement and reporting keeps you focused — because you use that information to make decisions to improve your results.
  • Yearlong test plan: It has weekly targets followed with high quality tests to help you assess yourself. This helps you to improve every day.
  • The unique POST TEST analysis and personalized actionable behavior insights are designed to give you timely feedback to sharpen your test taking strategy.
  • SWOT Analysis: After every weekly test, you get a SWOT analysis of your performance.  You will get to know your weak areas and will get timely actionable advice. Remember a stitch in time says nine.
  • If you make corrections at the right time, you will be saved with all the anxiety which the general aspirant crowd faces as the Prelims approaches.

Mains Master Notes

No need to  scavenge  and read multiple books  and numerous google searches  to cover one topic of the syllabus  anymore!

Mains Master Notes are here  to help you optimize your time and effort. It is the complete set of notes covering the entire static syllabus of UPSC  Mains completely. I have curated these  notes on the basis of my thorough study of various books , 10 years of newspapers notes, debates and interactions during my preparation days.  I have covered every topic of the UPSC Mains Syllabus  in required depth and width. This will build a strong foundation of your static concepts and also help you create linkages with the current aspects.

I will give you 20 months scientific timetable to cover these Mains Master Notes

Mains Master Notes are the best study material for CSE Mains in the country.

Mains Master Cards

Mains Master Cards( MMC) is designed for quick revision before exam. It will help you optimize your preparation

Mains Master Classes –GS 1, GS 2 and GS 3 Mains Tests
(model answer and discussion-no evaluation)

This is a unique approach where first we discuss concepts briefly and then discuss weekly micro tests. The answer writing approach will be discussed in these classes. The classes will be very practical and exam-oriented coupled with answer writing.

Essay Master Class

  • Learn the art and science of writing essay that will fetch 150+ marks
  • Selected Essay from Sunday Essay Sadhna.

Ethics Master Classes

  • Since it is the most scoring paper I have a dedicated set of classes for this Subject.
  • This is one low-hanging fruit that can skyrocket your marks in Mains.
  • Conceptual clarity is essential here.
  • Being a top scorer in this paper, I will explain every concept in the ethics syllabus of UPSC substantiated with real-life examples and quotes from great personalities which are an added advantage to scoring brownie points in the paper

Personality Development

  • CSE Personality test is not the test of knowledge and communication skill. It is a test of your character and suitability for administrative leadership .
  • Because of my vast experience of 4 CSE Interviews and 1 State PCS interview  I know what works and what doesn’t. I can help you fine tune yourself to meet their expectation.
  • Character development takes time and in this 20 month journey , I along with other civil servants will help you develop character of strength.
  • Monthly sessions on personality development.
  • After you qualify mains , we will conduct regular mock interviews to train you on handling tense situations, voice modulation, etiquettes, presence of mind delivering what you know spot on and much more to handle the interview with finesse.

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