Laqshya 2021



The program is designed to optimize your effort so that you can score more with least effort.

Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth


Moving the earth seems an impossible task. However, with right tools and technique it may be possible.

For an average aspirant clearing Civil Services Prelims might also seem impossible, given the vastness of the syllabus and paucity of time and financial resources. But with right lever (Santosh Sir Strategy) you can achieve this with least possible effort. Trust me. I do not say trust me blindly. I say this because I have done it. Not once, not twice but all six (6) times. My scores are one of the highest ever scored by any candidate in successive attempts.

We’ve all heard the saying, “What gets measured gets done.” It means regular measurement and reporting keeps you focused —because you use that information to make decisions to improve your results.

Laqshya -2021 Test Based Mentorship Program is based on this philosophy. The simple act of measurement increases motivation to perform. Research shows that desire to win is heighted when rivalry and time pressure coincide. The simple act of measuring something sparks that sense of rivalry in many people. Of course that rivalry doesn’t need to be with others, it can be with one’s own self as a sort of “competition” to see whether you can beat a goal you have set for yourself. The Laqshya personalized dashboard helps you track your progress .The unique SWOT analysis and personalized actionable behavior insights are designed to give you timely feedback to sharpen your test taking strategy.

Best of Luck!

Bubbling Questions

Q. Is this another Test Series?


It’s aguided self-study and intelligent assessment series where aspirant can prepare according to a scientific plan and assess his/her performance at each level and work in their weak areas wherever he/she feels difficulty either it may be fundamentals, applied or monthly current affairs.

Q. Is it only for THOSE who have covered Syllabus?

No. It is designed for a beginner.

Scientifically planned study plan has been prepared keeping a beginner in mind. The three level of study – Basic, Advanced and Revision has been designed to build a strong foundation over which the super structure of your success can be built. It will put you on your success path, right from the word go. It is said that “Well begun is half done”.

Q. How LAQSHYA is different?

Scientific Plan which scrutinizes you at each level

  • The course has a detailed scientific plan covering the Prelims syllabus in the form of weekly targets, sources to refer and introspective tests.
  • It is scientific because it is designed to optimize your performance as the course has been divided into Basic-Advanced-Revision.
  • There is a separate monthly current affairs test to assess your grasp over the dynamic aspect of the syllabus.
  • Where you are lagging should be crystal clear to you, LAQSHYA is structured in such a way that things won’t mix up. You can assess and optimize your areas of preparation to get maximum. Say You think you have been following current affairs but may be you have not covered October current affairs properly, your low scores in October Current Affairs will reflect it.
  • Both Static and Current (dynamic) part will be covered so that you don’t miss any.

Course Overview

Level I – It is said you can’t build a great build on a weak foundation. A solid foundation is must. The same goes for UPSC CSE prepration.You have to begin with building a rock solid foundation. Otherwise, your preparation will be hollow. In order to give you a strong foundation we have prepared a scientific plan to cover NCERTs in first 4 months. If you follow the plan and solve the basic level fundamental tests along with intelligent assessment and SWOT analysis you will be ready to go to the stage II of preparation which is application level. Basic Level will cover fundamental concepts from NCERT so that you clearly assessyour basic concepts. These tests are very scientific and subject wise so that you can correctly assess yourself in every subject and take corrective action.

Level II – Once basic portion is covered it’s time to analyze whether you can apply basics learnt in a test environment. Level II Applied tests will help you in achieving this. You can work upon the SWOT analysis given to you after test. You can bookmark important concepts for revising them later. These tests are very scientific and subject wise so that you can correctly assess yourself in every subject and take corrective action.

Brush up Your Current Affairs – Simultaneously you will be going through high quality probable tests from current affairs of every month. This will keep you on the right track. Many aspirants ignore current affairs and suffer in the end. Monthly current affairs tests are prepared by choosing all important topics of the month. You can bookmark important questions for revising them later.

Level III – Ultimately it comes the CSE simulation All India tests through strict UPSC format and approach.

Few other unique features to help you:

  1. Unique Behaviour Insights
  2. Track your progress
  3. SWOT analysis of your performance
  4. Option Elimination Strategy
  5. Previous year questions for practice
  6. Prelims Power Play Best questions Compilation
  7. Monthly Prelims Notes
  8. Online Community for doubts resolution

Final words by Santosh Sir

Coming back to the lever example I gave in the beginning. With the right strategy you can move the earth.

”It’s your choice where you want to place the fulcrum so that with minimum effort you get maximum Result i.e. Optimize your Performance”

“Quality outcome of test depend upon Quality of Questions in test,

Quality of questions depends upon Quality of Question Setter,

Quality of Question setter depends upon his Experience in the field,

Quality Experience only comes in when you Qualify such quality exam multiple times”

 LAQSHYA Test series is under supervision of veteran Santosh Sir who has qualified all 6 CSE-P and 4 CSE-Mains